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Val has given the site to The Orbiter. We will now update more often. Our e-mail is
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Welcome to Cartoon Clubhouse! Enjoy the links on the left to various parts of the site.  
9/19/02 Hey my peoples!!!  im sorry i havent posted the codes yet.  Like Val school is messin me all up!!!  Well if he hasent posted them yet i will now.  O ya!!!  Hey this is out to all u dbz fans!!!    Cell series ctoon r coming out!!!  Peace out take it easy!!! -lil gray gray
9/19/02 Hello there!!! Sorry i have not updated in awhile school has had me down!  Well I think i can find some time later  to update the Contests and the czone contests.  I really need more people coming to my site, we get n average 200 hits a day, i would like to get close to 400 hits a day.  So if you could tell your freinds or family to come to this i would greatly appreciate it.  If I dont get a total of 50,000 hits by november 1st I think I may close the site down for good, so please come to the site more, tell your freinds to come, and post on the message thanks cause I dont want to close the site but i may have to thanks ~ Val
9/11/02 God Bless America!!!!  ~ValIn Remembrance - Sept. 11, 2001


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